What is the Hs3?

The Hs3 system has been designed and developed as a motorcycle control system for use on Windows OS based computers for computer gaming and simulation software in the average home use enviroment. The Hs3 is basically a control system designed to be used instead of a games controller like the XBOX gamepad. Although I have built a system that works on an XBOX ONE gaming console, it was mainly a test to see if I could and at the present time, I do not build systems for gaming consoles such as the XBOX or Playstation. The Hs3 is sold purely as a Windows PC controller.

OK, so that is the very basic idea behind the Hs3.

What can the Hs3 acually do?

As I said before, the Hs3 is basically designed to replace the use of a gamepad or other non-motorcycle type of controller for motorcycle games and simulations. The system has no thumbsticks like a gamepad, the Hs3 uses real motorcycle components to replace the thumbsticks and triggers for analog input to your computer. The system offers analgo inputs for Throttle, Clutch, Front Brake, Rear Brake and of course the Lean Angle of the motorcycle in your game or simulation. The system also has 24 digital inputs to take care of all the buttons you need to configure your gaming button inputs. Two of these digital inputs are reserved for your Gearshift inputs. The Computer Control Board of the Hs3 also has the ability to have an additional 8-Way button unit connected, spare digital inputs and 3 more analog inputs.

What is the Hs3 made of?

The Hs3 mainly uses genuine motorcycle aftermarket components. All framework and system parts made by IASystems are steel or aluminium. Some parts are 3D printed, but where necessary these parts are all strengthened. There are no plastic levers or flimsy components on the Hs3!!!

How is the Hs3 constructed?

Handlebar Assembly

Starting with the most important part, the handlebars, these are 740 mm wide 22 mm diameter steel bars with a 4.0mm wall and powdercoated in black as standard. The handlebars are what is called "Dragbars" and are almost like a superbike straight bar with a slight bend a third of the way on each side. This design permits the user to sit in a natural position and during opperation the users wrists and body can move in a natural manner. This is of paramount importance to insure no muscle injury as can happen on other systems. The handlebars connect to the main steering control backplate by a pair of 6061 aluminium black risers.

The all steel backplate houses the IASystems MTE clutch control unit and Leo Bodnar Computer Interface board. These are both covered by an aluminium housing with carbon covering on the sides. At either end of the bars are the red anodized grips, these have black rubber inserts to aid in comfort and throttle control. The throttle control unit contains a Hal Sensor system for precise throttle control and reliability over years of use.

The clutch and front brake lever units are an aftermarket racing set with matching red anodized aluminium levers and black handlebar mounts. Each lever has a 6 position adjuster for leverage which allows the users for the system to be used even with small hands and/or for lever pressure during front brake use. The Clutch is of the mechanical design and uses a cable to function. The clutch cable connects to an IASystems MTE, this is an ABS plaisic 3D printed gearing unit that converts mechanical action into an analog signal for the control board via a Vishay P260 high quality potentiometer. The Hs3 Front Brake is a first in the industry on any computer control system for motorcycles for home use, the front brake is Hydraulic! The brake unit couples with a 1600 Psi Transducer and uses the highest grade brake fluid. The pressure required or how sharp the brake functions in-game can be adjusted via the Windows Game Controller Calibration. This gives the user the means to adjust the braking for thier own personal style and/or the strength of the brake for the bike they are using in-game. There are video tutorials about how to set up your system on the IASystems YouTube Channel.

Switchgear and Auxillary Clusters

The Hs3 main switchgear consists of 2 clutch side button units and 1 throttle side button unit. Each of these units has a red and a green momentary button and an On-OFF-ON slide switch. These units are the only plastic housings on the Hs3. On the lower throttle side there is also a 2 button auxillary button unit. To the center of the handlebars, either side of the handlebar risers are the center auxillary button clusters. Each of these have 4 momentary buttons with a yellow, green, blue and white button set each side. This gives a total of 22 digital inputs just on the handlebars. The side buttons are easy to reach with the users thumbs while using the system.

Foot Control Unit

The Foot Control units comprises of the rear brake and gearshift unit. These are an all steel framed system that connects to the main control board by a USB3 cable. The Rearsets are aftermarket racing units and are black with  matching anodized red parts. These are made for the 2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000. The Rear Brake is also a Hydraulic unit coupled with a 1600 Psi Transducer and the same high quality brake fluid. The brake lever has a cam for lever adjustment. The brake uses a GSXR 750 master cylinder and remote resevoir. The Gearshift unit is a mechanical only unit, there are no actual electrical buttons. switches or sensors used. The design allows for the user to feel when they shift up or down a gear instead of a soft button press. This design also makes the shift  unit very durable. The shift lever movement is adjustable if needed. Both the rear brake and gearshift sit on a steel crossbar tha allows for the foot controls to be raised or lowered in height and to rotate to any angle to allow the unit to be used in any seating position. This means you can use the Hs3 sitting on your couch, sitting at your computer desk/table or on a high stool. The Hs3 is designed for home use just like a car gaming system.

Optional Extras

As an optional extra for sit-on and motion systems, IASystems offers a Steering Damper for the SPSS steering system. The damper was initially used to stop handlebar oscillation that can occur on a motion system, but with certain games I have found that damping the steering can reduce "Over Reaction Steering" during certain situations such as a very tight chicane. The addition of a damper also means that the systems steering can be adjusted for the user.

How realistic is the Hs3?

Finally, I will explain what the Hs3 is not. This will ensure there is no misunderstanding as to what it is. The Hs3 is NOT a 100% realistic motorcycle simulation system. The system has not been developed to be 100% realistic as it would be too expensive andreduce those who could A. Afford to purchase an Hs3 and B. Have the free space to house the system. Although you can learn how to use the basic controls together such as the clutch and throttle, I can not say you can learn to ride a motorcycle on the Hs3. The Hs3 is not designed as a 100% training system, it is used for rider awareness by such groups as DWIPOD, but it is in no way a true representation of riding a real bike on a public highway. The Hs3 is not technical correct in its design, it is designed to simply FEEL natural.

Questions and Answers

For any questions about the Hs3 please contact me directly from the contacts page.